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Dragonfly Art Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dragonfly Art Studio is a place where kids can express themselves through art, learn new techniques, and have fun! Our Art Classes, Workshops and Summer Camps are designed for children and adults to explore a range of materials, mediums, and techniques, learn new skills and discover their creativity!

Dragonfly Art Studio designs imaginative class themes that enrich children and adults' learning experiences and encourages everyone to express themselves artistically and individually. Spend some creative time with us for a break from the norm.


After School Art Classes

Dragonfly Art Studio offers after-school classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our art classes cover a wide range of mediums and encourage kids to experiment with varied materials. Our After School Art Classes meet ONCE A WEEK from 3:30- 5:30 pm (choose between Tuesday or Wednesday) and have a maximum of 12 students.

Every two weeks, students explore a different artist (Seurat, Picasso, O’Keefe, Banksy) throughout history and study their signature styles and techniques. Then the students interpret the artist’s style and create their own masterpieces, using the same materials. Every spring , we host an exhibit to display the work completed over the year.

Summer Camp

Dragonfly Art Studio offers week-long summer camps in May, June, July and August for children ages 5 – 16.

Each week has a different theme and the themes vary each summer. In the past we have offered week-long summer camp sessions dedicated to Painting & Sketching, Folk Art, Recycled Art, Sculpture, Photography, Textiles, Sewing, Printmaking, Japanese Art, New Mexican Art, Latin American Art, Paper Creations, Asian Art, Grecian Art, Cuban Art, African Art and more!

Workshops for Children & Adults

Dragonfly Art Studio offers day-long or weekend workshops for both children and adults throughout the year. Many workshops have a focus such as Sewing, Printmaking, or Painting and our "No School" workshops have an open studio format. In December of every year we offer two Holiday Weekend Workshops for kids where they can make handmade holiday gifts. If you are interested in a particular medium or project, let us know and we can design a custom workshop for you and your friends!

Custom Birthday Parties

Have a Dragonfly Art Studio Party for your next birthday extravaganza! You or your child can choose the art activity you want to create at your party or I can suggest a cool project according to the time and age range. Birthday parties are typically 2-3 hours and every participant gets to bring home their unique work of art. It's sure to be a memorable birthday!

Custom Adult Group Sessions

Dragonfly Art Studio can help you organize creative art nights or weekends for groups of friends or colleagues, whether you are interested in team building or just want a special way to celebrate a birthday. You choose the project and we provide the art instruction, set up and clean-up. If you have an idea for an art party, call us!

Private Classes for Children & Adults

Dragonfly Art Studio offers one-on-one art classes designed to inspire and fulfill. Our art classes for adults or children provide a relaxing, creative atmosphere to learn new techniques in the medium of your choice. We encourage you to express yourself fully and feel the joy of your creativity!

PARENT TESTIMONIALS: "Oceanna, you’re amazing and you’ve made a huge impact on our girls’ lives." 

"As a parent of two daughters who have attended Dragonfly’s after-school art studio and summer camps, I can’t say enough about Oceanna’s program. Dragonfly is a den of industry, in the very best way. The children learn about artists throughout history, like Picasso and Frida Kahlo, and then create their own works in the tradition of those artists. The studio is buzzing with energy and inspiration, yet never feels hectic. A deep, palpable calm permeates their learning and creating. I don’t know how Oceanna does it, but her studio embodies the perfect blend of structure and freedom, in which children thrive. Coats and bags are put away in their proper place when the children arrive, and jazz or classical plays on the stereo while the children work. Oceanna addresses each child as an artist, and never dumbs down or over-simplifies her instruction. As someone who experienced art-shaming from a teacher when I was a child, I am thrilled to see my daughters exploring their creativity with confidence and curiosity under Oceanna’s nurturing eye. And it’s fun! There’s plenty of opportunity for fresh air and free time for pursuing their own ideas, taking short walks for inspiration, sketching, or photo-taking.This is experiential, hands-on creative learning at its very best. I wish all children—all adults, too!— could have the experience of attending Dragonfly!"   

Katie Arnold

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