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"My girls age 7 and 10 have been LOVING Dragonfly Art Studio for years. In fact, it is all they want to do during summer vacation. The range and creativity of projects is varied, innovative, age appropriate, and FUN. Not to mention the art they make is beautiful. The after school program has provided such a basis for art knowledge, that when we go to museums when we are visiting family in Chicago and NY and DC, they act as our docents! They know more about the artists and their works/ influences, we as parents are learning as well. My girls love to sew, feel confident creating on their own, thanks to Oceanna and her magic that happens at Dragonfly. Her studio is calm and fosters individual creativity and learning. Could not recommend more highly. I feel so lucky to have Oceanna in our town to teach our kids."  Charlotte Stricks

Dragonfly Art Studio is the best art courses that my son has had.  The variety and depth of study is similar to an adult studio art class.  It is high level art instruction for youth.  My 12 year old son is building his art portfolio from his courses at Dragonfly Art Studio, so that he may apply to NMSA.  
If you have a child that is interested in art Dragonfly Art Studio and Oceanna Holtons’ Instruction are the best I’ve found in Santa Fe.  And, as a business owner I also really appreciate how well Oceanna runs Dragonfly Art Studio.  Charlotte Rivera

"Oceanna, you’re amazing and you’ve made a huge impact on our girls’ lives:" 

"As a parent of two daughters who have attended Dragonfly’s after-school art studio and summer camps, I can’t say enough about Oceanna’s program. Dragonfly is a den of industry, in the very best way. The children learn about artists throughout history, like Picasso and Frida Kahlo, and then create their own works in the tradition of those artists. The studio is buzzing with energy and inspiration, yet never feels hectic. A deep, palpable calm permeates their learning and creating. I don’t know how Oceanna does it, but her studio embodies the perfect blend of structure and freedom, in which children thrive. Coats and bags are put away in their proper place when the children arrive, and jazz or classical plays on the stereo while the children work. Oceanna addresses each child as an artist, and never dumbs down or over-simplifies her instruction. As someone who experienced art-shaming from a teacher when I was a child, I am thrilled to see my daughters exploring their creativity with confidence and curiosity under Oceanna’s nurturing eye. And it’s fun! There’s plenty of opportunity for fresh air and free time for pursuing their own ideas, taking short walks for inspiration, sketching, or photo-taking.This is experiential, hands-on creative learning at its very best. I wish all children—all adults, too!— could have the experience of attending Dragonfly!"   Katie Arnold


Our daughter, Margo, started taking art classes at Dragonfly Art Studio in the summer of 2015. She quickly fell in love with creating art. Oceanna introduces a variety of media to her students, and guides their talent. Margo sees Dragonfly as her second home. She is always excited about signing up for a workshop; Margo has done the afternoon programs after school, summer themed weeks, and lastly a sewing workshop. The latter was a gift we didn't know she had! Oceanna informed us immediately of Margo's talent with sewing and we embraced it. We see how it's helped her on so many levels: concentration, completing a project, creativity with patterns, and styles. We're all very excited about this! Thank you!" — Amparo Wulf

Thank you so much for a wonderful class at Dragonfly. It was such a pleasant experience and it was so much fun watching the kids show their parents and explain what they did and why they chose their animal. Both you and your assistant were so great with the kids and everyone really enjoyed themselves! Thanks again and looking forward to working more with you in the future!—Annika Head

My daughter has absolutely loved going to Dragonfly Art. She has taken summer camp and the weekend holiday crafting and created both wonderful works of art, as well as enhanced her ability to think. She could craft before - now she can create! Sewing, beadwork, painting and sculpture have all been incorporated in to her visual vocabulary. Many thanks to Oceanna and her creative team! – J. Blanchard

The show on Saturday was fantastic. It was so nice to see all that work together. Thanks a lot. You are really special and what you give to these children is priceless. 
— Donatella

We spent the month of July in Santa Fe – our first visit to Santa Fe – and my two daughters (ages 6 and 8) did two summer camp weeks with Dragonfly Art Studio. The atmosphere that Oceanna creates at her camps is fantastic – her low-stress, happy, collaborative personality sets the tone – every time I walked into the camp, kids were busy and occupied, with a low murmur of activity – everyone was happy and busy and getting along. The girls looked forward to going to camp daily, and begged to stay as long as possible for the ‘free’ time at the end of the day. The only hesitation I have about writing a review indicating how outstanding the camps and Oceanna as the leader are, is that I worry it will be hard to get into the camps next year! — Audrey S.

The framer of my five-year-old daughter's self portrait (created under Oceanna's guidance) commented that she would be very pleased if her adult students produced a sketch with such proportion and shading. I'm not kidding! Oceanna has cultivated an envious talent in a little girl, who by the way adores her! —Jennifer Biedscheid

Thank you so much for putting together the art show. It was so much fun and amazing to see all the wonderful art. We appreciate all the hard work you put into it. The kids have learned so much over the semester and have such a sense of accomplishment. Its been a fantastic opportunity for Sydney and she has looked forward to it every week. You make a big difference in these kids lives and the guidance and instruction you give them will influence them in great ways in whatever they do in the future. You totally rock! — A. Wiford

I am the grandmother of a 9 year old who lives in Taos. For the past two summers I have enrolled my granddaughter at the Dragonfly Studio summer program. The first year was so successful I enrolled her in two programs last summer. Grace enjoyed every class - one of her choices was 'sewing class' and after five days was able to operate a sewing machine by herself. Then she asked to have my old sewing machine which I gave her and she is off and running making things - first a little jacket for her lap dog. I highly recommend this program for any child - Oceanna and her staff create a very organized and unique program each week and also create a very wonderful relaxed atmosphere where each child is encouraged to work independently and experience her own empowerment. — Bari Lovewave

Last year, My daughter said that art was her favorite class at her school. But this year she doesn't like it anymore. She says they always do the same thing. But she loves your class and always looks forward to it. Thank you for making art engaging and fun! —Carla

"Oceanna has enriched the visual world of my children, exposing them to folk art from other cultures, materials that we had previously regarded as trash and techniques I would have incorrectly deemed not quite age appropriate. She does all of this with a sense of fun, a zest for experimentation, boundless enthusiasm, creativity, talent, and energy. I find myself jealous of my children for the experiences they have with her and the projects they create. There are people in life who are doing exactly what they should be doing. Oceanna is one of them. You could just see that she is having as much fun as they are and loves art, teaching and children." — Arlyn Nathan

"My granddaughter Emma LIVES for her art class with Oceanna. She has learned more in these classes than high school students learned in home ec and art class combined when I was a student. She makes them think and have fun at the same time. What a great investment!" —Jacque Dawson

"Thank you for being a great instructor with so many ideas, inspiration and energy. Sarah LOVES your classes so much. They've become a very important "nutritional supplement" to her creative growth! is a necessary aspect of her life. — Suey and Matt

"Thank you for sharing your love of art with our son. You opened up his world to so many artists and artistic techniques. He will never forget Santa Fe because of you! — Juliet

"Thank you very much for Max's first week of summer camp. He is very proud of his work. You are a wonderful art teacher and Max really enjoys class. He came home and showed us his work. He loves the Rothko work with pastels and I think he is proud of his work. How exciting to be able to explore the various media for art. You have opened our eyes!" —Kate Leriche

"Just want to let you know how much Ayden enjoyed your camp. I am impressed by the artwork he brought home and the thought he put into it!!" —Lisa Cat

"Our daughter's talents have flourished under Oceanna's direction: she has instilled a love for the aesthetic in our child and the other children in her program. She is a gifted art teacher; her enthusiasm and dedication are palpable when we come to pick up our child from her weekly art adventure!" — K. Geetha and R. Amos Holdsworth

"The past Art Show was the best one yet. The kids in all different age groups did such interesting things and did such a good job on them! You could really see how your method of teaching develops the kids' own personal artistic expression." — Janette Fischer

"My husband and I are very impressed with Oceanna's knowledge of art history and her love for art in all it's medium." — Maria de los Cosas

"Our daughter Julia has so enjoyed her art classes and summer camps at Dragonfly Art Studio. Oceanna is an incredible teacher but more importantly, she is a very special person who reminds us all of the beauty around us...and provides an aesthetically pleasing and inspirational space for the art students to create in." — Kimberly Henning