Scholarship Fund

DRAGONFLY ART STUDIO offers over 10 scholarships each summer for children in need. It is funded by all the children in the fall and spring after school program who create a piece of art to sell at the annual Student Art Show. This provides a needed service to the community for children with no other means to have a creative experience early in life. For the students creating the art, this provides them an experience of  "giving back"  to less fortunate children in the community.

The fund is also funded by generous contributions from the community as well, for this we deeply thank you!

The fund pays $329.00 for each child to attend the camp.

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Dear Oceanna,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful opportunity you gave to our daughter Sofia. We know that we have a talented child, but opportunities like your art camp are needed to improve her skills. Without the scholarship we wouldn't be able to offer her such experience. She enjoyed every project and is inspire to continue creating.

You are a blessing for our community. I am grateful for people like you.

Myriam Salazar

Oceanna helping a student do her first Polaroid transfer!

Oceanna helping a student do her first Polaroid transfer!